What Is The Force Of A Sneeze?

force of a sneeze

Force of a sneeze
Force of a sneeze

The reflex of sneezing helps clear irritants from the nasal passages and sinuses. When you sneeze, you expel air from your lungs with a sudden burst of air, usually accompanied by the simultaneous expulsion of air from your mouth and nose.

When sneezing, the force can be as high as 100 kPa (kilopascal), meaning that a sneeze can exert a force 13 times greater than the average atmospheric pressure of a home.

The typical human sneeze produces explosive forces that can blast up to five thousand droplets out of the nose! The speed that those tiny droplets exit the nose are approaching 150 kilometers per hour!

how to force a sneeze?

If you are trying to force yourself to sneeze there is a way to force yourself to sneeze. To trick your body into sneezing just look into a very bright light. This will trigger a reflex that will make you sneeze. This trick works better when you have a slight sensation to sneeze.  

Why does looking into a bright light make you sneeze?

The Trigeminal nerve is responsible for making us sneeze when it senses irritants in the nose like dust, dirt or other foreign substances. The Trigeminal nerve lies very close to the Optic nerve which is responsible for vision and sensing light.

Because these two nerves are so close together it is believed that when the optic nerve is over stimulated by the bright light that it somehow triggers the Trigeminal nerve and this results in a sneeze.