How Sugar Negatively Affects Your Body

harmful affects of sugar

Facts about how sugar affects the body
Facts about how sugar affects the body

How Does Sugar Negatively Affects Your Body?

Everyone knows that sugar is not good for them, but few people can verbalize why sugar is bad for us, or how it negatively impacts the body. This infographic does a good job of explaining how sugar can hurt our bodies if we eat too much of it.

How Does sugar hurt the brain?

Sugar can affect how the brain works and the level of certain chemicals within the brain. this can lead to increased risk of depression and other neurological issues. There is also ongoing research into the impact sugar can have on insulin resistance within the brain. Some researchers are looking into the link between insulin resistance within the brain and dementia.

How does sugar hurt the skin?

when you eat sugar and it gets into your bloodstream it will eventually make its way to the skin. once in the bloodstream sugar or glucose can bind with proteins. This process where sugar binds with protein or fats is called glycation. Glycation leads to a tangled molecules that are more rigid then they would be otherwise. The rigidity caused by the glycation can be seen in the skin in the form or wrinkles, and skin that is not as supple or elastic as it should be.

How does sugar hurt the joints of the body?

A diet that is high in sugar will cause a rise or increased release of inflammatory molecules known as cytokines into the bloodstream. These cytokines cause inflammation in the body and if not checked can lead to joint pain and exacerbate arthritis.

Studies have shown that when knee joint synovial cells are exposed to insulin they release inflammatory cytokines. These cytokines increase the inflammation in and around the knee joint. synoviocytes have a large amount of insulin receptors on them, so they are very susceptible to changes in insulin. Since sugar is the main cause of rises in insulin secretion within the body, you can extrapolate that a diet high in sugar with lead to a chronic increase in insulin which will trigger this inflammatory cascade within the joints of the body. to read more about the effect of insulin on joint inflammation check out this article.

How does sugar hurt the heart?

Sugar can cause inflammation of the lining of the arteries and this chronic inflammation leads to damage that needs to be repaired. The body repairs this damage by bringing cholesterol and other molecules to the area to repair the damage. This repair leaves plaques on the artery walls and ultimately leads to heart disease.

How does sugar hurt the kidneys?

Sugar can hurt your kidneys several ways. The first is that your body will try and rid excess sugar from the body by filtering it out via the kidneys. this is fine in the short term but over the long term you risk damaging the delicate filtration system present within the kidneys with all this sugar.

The other way that sugar can damage the renal system is through diabetes. when people abuse sugar over long periods they often develop type 2 diabetes and this can lead to renal impairment over time. That is why you see such a high prevalence of renal failure in the diabetic population.