Gross Facts About Tapeworms


Facts about tape worms
Facts about tape worms

What are TapeWorms?

Animals and humans are both susceptible to tape worms, a type of parasitic worm found in the intestine. These parasites attach themselves to intestinal walls and feed off of the food that their hosts eat.

The most common type of tape worm is referred to as a “tapeworm”. The tapeworm has a long head with many segments and can reach lengths of 50 feet long. Tapeworms attach themselves to the intestinal wall through their sucker-like heads, and absorb nutrients from the host’s ileum through their body segments.

Humans are not usually affected by them, but if they escape from the intestines and invade another part of their body, they can cause an infection.

How many eggs do tapeworms produce per day?

The average tape worm can produce approximately one million eggs per day. These eggs get secreted in the persons feces.

How long do tapeworms live?

A tape worm can live for roughly twenty years inside a person!

What is the longest recorded tapeworm?

The longest tapeworm ever removed from a person measured 82 feet, which is 25 meters, which is the longest ever recorded for a tapeworm. The man that this worm was removed from lived in India and sought medical attention because of abdominal pain that had persisted for several months. 

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