Chest Exercises With Resistance Band

resistance band exercises

When it comes to building a strong, well-rounded chest, it’s essential to incorporate a wide array of equipment options. Some will prefer using a barbell, while others are going to look for a set of dumbbells. Both are valid options, but more and more people are leaning towards resistance bands.

Resistance tubes and bands offer a more targeted and significant resistance to the muscle compared to free weights.[1]

Studies show that resistance band movements are highly effective as long as the tension is maintained and can match other weighted exercises with equal efficiency.[2]

This ability to target muscle illustrates the importance of using bands in your workout program. To do this the right way, you will want to break things down into a simple set of exercises.

Here are the best and most effective chest exercises with resistance band

Resistance Band Push-Up

resistance band push up

Harvard states that resistance bands are essential for targeting specific muscle groups without compromising the structural integrity of the underlying tendons and/or bones.[3]

For a lot of people, the bones and tendons are weakened, which means resistance bands are helpful for exercises such as push-ups.

The resistance band push-up refers to the idea of getting into the push-up position with the band wrapped around the back. It is then going to be looped into the hands.

This means that when you rise from the push-up, the tension increases. It is similar to having a weight plate on your back while going up and down during a push-up.

This is one of the more effective chest exercises when it comes to using a resistance tube or band. You are going to be far more in control of the movement, and it’s going to be easy to complete the movement without missing a beat.

You are going to know it will be easy-going, effective, and clean without putting excessive stress on the joint.

To complete the movement correctly, it’s crucial to maintain a firm posture during the entire movement. This means no rounded or sagging back. Not using proper form is when a person ends up getting injured.

Resistance Band Press Up

resistance band chest press

The resistance band press-up is another world-class chest exercise that will work like a charm to help build your chest muscles.

The premise behind this exercise is to mimic the press up or bench press using a band for tension. The movement will start with you resting on the floor with the band wrapped around the back and looped through your hands.

It’s similar to doing the barbell press, but you will be holding the band instead of dumbbells’ or a barbell.

You are then going to begin to press up with the band in your hands. The tension will increase as you start to push out to get the band away from your chest.

Resistance Band Pulldown

The idea of a resistance band pulldown is to work hard on the chest and work it from a different angle. This movement is completed by hooking the band around overhead. This can be done with a simple squat rack or anything slightly overhead like a door.

Once looped in, you will hold the band and pull it down with straight arms. You will want to bring it to your hip without bending the elbow joint.

This will increase the resistance on your chest, and you will feel the “burn” while doing this movement. If done right, you are going to feel it in your chest and triceps. Be patient while doing this, and make sure you are focusing on the contraction.

It’s the only way to work the chest muscle and ensure you are engaging it during the entire movement pattern. This means don’t let it go slack at any point of the movement, whether at the top or near the hip.

Resistance Band Fly

resistance band flies

When it comes to working the chest from a different angle, one option is to use a resistance band fly as a chest exercise.

This movement pattern involves having the arms spread out and then bringing them together to finish at the chest.

Depending on what is comfortable for you, you will do this sitting or lying down. Most will prefer to do this while sitting down as it is easier to control.

For this movement pattern, you will sit down on a chair or bench. Wrap the resistance band behind your back, and then loop your hands through each end. Spread the arms out and try to close your hands in front of you by bringing them together.

This will cause the chest to contract as you open and close the hands with a straight arm. Be meticulous while doing this and learn how to focus on muscle contraction.

Resistance Band Incline Press

resistance band incline press

This is a great way to target the upper chest and build a robust set of shoulders.

With the incline press, you are going to want to push the band overhead. This means wrapping the band underneath your foot and then looping it through your hands. Once in this setup, you will make sure to push straight up.

This will need to be done without ruining your posture or losing your balance. Some prefer to do this sitting, and that is okay too.

Just make sure the incline pressure is complete without losing resistance. Wrap the resistance band tightly under your foot to get enough leverage for maximum results. It is the only way to see the results you’re hoping for and progress in the right direction.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the top chest exercises with resistance band. A resistance band offers a stable increase in tension towards the target muscle group, whether it’s the fly or press up. This is ideal as it offers a more substantial amount of tension, which matters the most when trying to stimulate skeletal muscles to grow.

The information contained within this article is not intended to be taken as medical or health advice. always talk with your doctor before starting any new exercise or health regiment.